Monday, 18 December 2017

Thoughts On #1

Life is an interesting thing.

It's hard and beautiful and just made of contrasts overall.

It can change from one side to the other in a brief sequence of time, up, down, left, right. Peace, storm, peace again. Happy, sad, loved, lonely, hopeful and stuck.

All of us, everyone, with this little, elaborate own world inside of us. Coming with us, wherever we go. Complicated in structure like spiderwebs and pipes, delicate like strings of yarn.

We spend much time trying to untangle the knots just to see them again once we think it's all set and store it in our pockets.

Maybe we are putting effort into things that are not what deserve so much attention. Or maybe we get caught up in our own personal dramas. In times like this, I like to stop and look around: it's then that I remember that we are all in the same place and situation.

Yes some have more or some have less (of whatever), but we are essentially the same. Just an animal species called humans that populate planet Earth and act on their own interest most of the time. Let's try to not overcomplicate things. Let's be more caring, less jealous. Let's be grateful to learn about our brothers and sisters, smile (even if it's only inside) and think positively too. Today, tomorrow, or sometime this month or year the "dark, lonely, what the hell I am doing here, what is my life moment" will come. You have to know. It's a given, for sure it will be there. The time you may not see a way out but let me tell you, even if you're alone in your own life, you're not alone in feeling that way. But you know what? Soon comes tomorrow, and we all know that tomorrow means chance. You'll be just fine. It doesn't matter how smart you are, if you went to an Ivy League university or you've been living in a small rural town all of your life. You can always make a change to your own day if you treat it with mindfulness, gratefulness and love. You may even touch someone's heart and you'll never know! How cool is that, you everyday hero?

It's easy to forget, that me and you are the same, that you and your boss are the same, your mom, the child at school, the elderly queueing at the food bank and the Lamborghini guy too. No exception. Whatever else, is just plastic.

Comparison just leads to rage. It's inevitable these days, but it's important to remember to draw a line on our selfishness. Don't judge others if it's not for positive means. Keep mindful and objective. Don't take things personally and do good. You'll always receive more than you give.

The lady who travels to Korea to get botox injections and the lady with the messy hair and clothes who looks like she didn't shower for a month who buys groceries at the supermarket late at night and doesn't even look at the cashier when she says "Thank you for your purchase" are the same person.

It doesn't matter, it's all superficial. In such a plastic society that I find myself surrounded in in my everyday I call out to humanity and vulnerability. Be kind. They're rude and you feel hurt? Battle them with kindness. You can take your time.

The other day, while walking to the workplace, I noticed a common scene: dogs and owners. Seen it many times, but this once something different came to mind: "Who the hell are we to call ourselves owners of other life-beings when we cannot even deal with our own lives?". We are only owners of our actions. We'll make a hell of a load of mistakes with them, but it's up to us to deal with them.

I look around and I see people, this bipedal species who have a slightly developed brain and have a taste for control. Control time, world, nature, resources, others... just to see negative effects on its surroundings so far. Be careful, greed gets to your head, human. It's dangerous the let only one person be in power (see dictatorships). What can start off just fine may get messed up with the variability of brain chemicals and just life situations. We are not always the same and that's how it should be. We are constantly evolving and that's why it's important to be surrounded by the right influences.

Me, I'm on a quest for balance. I'm still far from it in many ways. I'm sleep deprived, overworked, and my health is going down. It's funny because in such a place I work everyone looks perfect and drive the most expensive cars. In such a contrast, I realized many things, light and dark, and one is that we are losing our humanity. I'm not happy with the situation, it's weird and uncomfortamble, so, personally, I realized I need to move on to next chapter out of this life-consuming work situation. Why am I taking this so seriously? I don't like this environment so I'll keep trying my best to change it and keep looking for something that fits my way of thinking. My motivation and will doesn't come from me, really. It's those around me, my loved ones, that give me the will to keep trying even if stomping into walls. I'll be sad and I'll cry again and again, but you know what? It only gets better from here. It's all in what you make of things. I'm really fortunate to have caring people in my life.

Everyone does what they want with themselves and their things, and that can't be changed, but I believe it to be important to be aware. From time to time, stop, get out you're little shelled marvellous own and unique world and consider that you're only one more. What is really important? What can you contribute to? Do you have some world changing mission? Either be the whole planet or your own little cute world you're in charge of yourself and the consequences of your acts. So stop for a moment, breathe, and remind yourself of what drives you on and on. Go forth!

Life is an interesting thing, and I am grateful to experience it.



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  1. I love how you write, I really do!! You express your thoughts with a very special and refined beauty <3
    But what I love even more is your willingness to keep trying, to keep dreaming big. You have inspired me since the day we met and you never cease to amaze me, both with your mature attitude and your child-like spirit who wants to dream and travel~
    I love how you portrait your imperfections as a human, how you recognize them and also how you appreciate them. That's not an easy thing to do!
    I'm sure you'll keep growing year by year, day by day, and that you'll get to very beautiful places because you always wear your colorful sunglasses, those that make you see the beauty of life, no matter what and no matter where you are.

    Thank you for sharing the way you see the world, for being so beautiful by just talking about life.
    Let's go forth!! *cheerleader jumps*

    *Big hug*