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Tokyo Days (II)

Tokyo Days (II)

Hello and welcome to the second issue of Tokyo Days :P

Picking up where I left it...  To start with the second week, there was and earthquake! Although we all know that it's not strange here, I didn't expect to experience one. It was in the middle of the night, at around 4 am. I suddenly woke up because everything was moving. I was confused between dreams and reality but things were shaking and I could hear the vases and furniture. It was, wow. I texted my friend to ask her if she felt it too haha, she also had the same idea :P 
I thought it would be nothing for them but next day on TV they said it was fourth grade out of seven and showed some slightly destroyed areas, so I was surprised!

Okay, so one of the activities I got into was going to sumo!
I had no idea what to expect and it was funny. We were there from 3pm to 6pm so it felt a bit long after the first hour...
It was impressive to see how passionate people could get. Sumo wrestlers are like celebrities in Japan and there's a full hierarchy in the sport. On the pinnacle of it there's the yokozuna. It was also fun to see the list of their names, which are not their original ones. The only one I remember is Hakuho Miyagino.
Afternoon at the sumo stadium Ryōgoku Kokugikan

The day before the sumo, though, I got to make one of my wishes real: wear a yukata! Yukata are not kimono, they are their summer, lighter version.
One day, the week before, we randomly agreed to dress up. My host sister gave a yukata so I knew I had to wear it! I asked at the academy is something could put it on for me and after agreeing on a day, one morning two women helped me wear it! It's not easy at all to put on and definitely couldn't do it alone. They were very nice.

Me and my friend being silly
Welcome to Japan lol

Walked around in yukata all day. It was very funny to see the confused reactions of the people.

Another day, my host sister suggested to go out which made me very happy because I love spending time with her. After classes we spent the afternoon at her Golf Club playing virtual golf, which I feel horrible for because I felt like I completely wasted her time. I was so bad at it  >.<!

Fancy club

Send help

After that, I went to have dinner with my host sister and she brought me to Tokyo Tower! It is very pretty and I loved the views at night.

Tokyo night from Tokyo Tower

The entrance to Tokyo Tower is lovely

The road looks so cool

Hello from Tokyo Tower! :D

Life continued going to the academy and enjoying Tokyo every day...
I love getting lost in this city (literally was lost here)

One afternoon after class we went to Akihabara. Akihabara is a famous area of Tokyo known for its many electronic shops (computers, cameras, games, etc.) and 2D characters presence almost everywhere.

There are also a lot of Maid Cafés, how to describe it? A Café with teenage girls dressed a bit promiscuously as maids acting like children and being cute. To give you an anecdote, when they brought your food, you had to cast a magic spell making hand gestures and repeating some ridiculous things (moe moe kyuuun!!!!). It was very fun, awkward, interesting and expensive, and we got to see a live dance and I just found everything hilarious and tried to get into the mood 100% x)

I ordered a pink moe bunny ice cream and melon soda YOLO
About to enter an arcade
Sailor moon basically rules Japan (or Tokyo)

I played and loved this game but I lost against my friend
 I spent one night at C's host home and the area was just breath taking, the night camera isn't any good for it though

Kancha lived with C and he is boss

One afternoon, a friend brought us to the Korean town, and it was full of K-Pop things and cosmetics

I've no idea

K-Pop fans would have a great time here

Around in Shibuya...
SO MUCH MANGA (and cheap *o*)
For those from Spain, look how big Zara is! :o

One day, while out, I got in a record store and there was a small gig going on, which I found very enjoyable. The environment was just great.

The second weekend started with a Saturday in Odaiba! Odaiba is an artificial island near Tokyo. It is a famous romantic spot.
I got super lost  to get to it and went the complete opposite direction. It was worth it though.

By then, I had decided to extend my stay in Japan. I was only meant to be there for 2 weeks, but I immediately saw it wasn't nowhere enough. Don't get me wrong, it would be okay if you visited! But I was spending most of my day at the academy. I also thought it would be easier to extend now that I was there than starting the trip from scratch again. It was hard with no support, but where there's a will there's a way.
You can see a ferris wheel and a ball between buildings, that's Fuji TV

View from the train

I loved it here! Odaiba beach

The Gundam statue is very famous

We visited a mall that was this pretty! This is the ceiling

The mall was European styled 

We went to the arcade, and we saw the ferris wheel, in which we almost get on. Next time!

The arcade was crazy, crazy, and loud.

We played air hockey, and I won (H)

I found this gachapon very funny
Odaiba at night has many coloured light boats in which you can have dinner, I believe

Bye bye, sun (feeling lucky)

After Odaiba, we went back to Shibuya. There was an Indian festival going on in Yoyogi Park which we were curious about, but when we got there it had already finished x) So we went to eat dinner and back home, tomorrow was an intense day!

The next day, Sunday, was spent in Kamakura. 
Kamakura is a coastal town near Tokyo famous for its many shrines and temples, and of course the big Buddha. 
You can take the train and get there in a few hours and let me say, It's totally worth it, I loved it and would recommend.

Kamakura's main street

There was an amazing Ghibli shop in which I was drooling over everything and cuteness overload (and my eyes were crying blood because everything was SO expensive :') )
I wanted everything!!!! I was surprised to see that there were all the films and not only Totoro :3 Gotta go back when I'm rich... *wink*
(I was borderline heart failure to be honest)

Moving on, we were lucky to see a wedding in the temple perimeter! Best of luck to the married couple <3

This reminded me of Studio Ghibli

This house seems so old!

Mysteriously appealing

Everything's so prettyyyyy *.*

There was this crystals shop and things were pretty, as expected


Bye bye Kamakura, you were so nice to us

I enjoyed Kamakura for its abundant traditional infrastructures, quiet, walking-paced, easy-going environment and good food. 
It reminded me of my town, Tarragona, because it's a beachy, chill, pretty town near the capital.

That night I met my friends back in Tokyo, and after dinner we went to a building to enjoy the views.

Back in the busy, always exciting, Shibuya

Two weeks had passed, and although I love my host family, I decided to move to the residence, as it was more convenient for transport time and cost and I was curious about other kind of lifestyles.

Before leaving, though, my host sister brought me to see the sea as she knows I love it. We drove to Makuhari Hesse.

Goodbye picture in the nice room I was staying in

After that, I took all my luggage and left for the residence, in Yokohama.

The residence is the best I've in so far (just out of 2 but hey, it's something). The environment was great, you could talk to someone and hold a nice conversation at whatever time and the facilities were top-notch. Was left impressed.

Way to my new home

One day I even saw people filming lol

One day I went to one of the most extravagant café/restaurant I've ever seen, it looks like a theme park! I'll just let you judge for yourself :)
That morning was dedicated to Harajuku
Welcome back to Harajuku!

The menu was interesting

Dressed-up people were walking around

This is the bathroom! lol

After that, we took a walk around and had some fun trying on wigs

Any Kyary Pamyu Pamyu fans?

 We also ate some crepe, bubble tea and... took some Purikura!

Purikura are various types of photo booths special for retouching you and making pictures appear cuter/cooler.
They are very popular and make a great memory!
I have to confess that I was very embarrassed of taking these and it was like the 4th time taking Purikura already

Getting ready for the photos!


Aaaaand this is it for today! 
We are now approaching the last days! In the next and last post about what kind of things I did in Tokyo, you'll be able to see, what was my favourite visit in all my days in Tokyo... The best is for last :)

Have a nice day!

See you,


Hello/Goodbye, from Kamakura

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